I’ve almost punched people who run past me when zombie chases are getting close out of reflex. The moans and groans are RIGHT THERE and then there’s a flash of movement right in the corner of my eye!

Anonymous asked: I had (and still sort of have) a huuuge crush on Runner 10, Chris McShell. AND THEN... Well. YOU KNOW. ;n; BUT I HAVE THIS IDEA WHERE HE'S A GHOST AND RUNNER 5 CAN SEE HIM AND HE'S JUST CHILLING AND 5 AND AND YEAH. I haven't worked out all the details yet. xD


Anonymous asked: I sometimes think I'm getting a bit too emotionally involved in the missions - I've caught myself with a couple of tears a few times!


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Jolly Alpha Five Niner

I nearly cried on my first run. Not because of exhaustion, but because of fear. 

And I can’t wait to get my next boost of it.

Anonymous asked: When I tried it Zombie Chases for the first time, I just couldn't keep my speed up and got caught by the mob. I was so disappointed in myself that I couldn't do it. As of now, I have Zombie Chases off for now so that I'll train myself up to where I can finally sprint with confidence to beat the mobs one day and that I'll finally feel like I truly do feel like the Runner 5 I wish to be.

Anonymous asked: okay can you explain to me are sam and eugene like together or something because i think it was towards the end of the Paul Revere Run (episode 5 or so) when I hit radio mode the other day and they were both over the radio talking together and being all flirty and such and they would be SO CUTE together I have a feeling

omg anon I forgot I even had this blog. It’s not Sam and Eugene who do radio mode — it’s Jack and Eugene, and yes, they are dating. :D

Sometimes when a particularly ironic song comes on while I’m running, such as, oh, I don’t know, “Bury Me”…I’ll start spouting negatives to the contrary as I plod along.

While listening to Jack and Eugene’s radio broadcast on my morning run, I was enjoying Ravel’s Bolero when a horde caught up with me.  I had that hair-upending moment where I could hear a moan from seemingly directly behind my right ear, but I’ve pretty much steeled myself against ever looking back.  Instead I put on the requisite burst of speed but with a bit of exuberant gusto because of the music.  I could feel myself pulling away from the grey mass but my transmitter shook itself free and all I could think was “Oh hell’s bells, Abel can’t afford to lose equipment.”  With agility that surprised even me, I did this quick backstep and swipe maneuver and was up and running again and evaded the mob entirely, transmitter in hand just in time to hear Eugene and Jack’s dulcet tones over the airway.  It was glorious!  I thank my lucky stars and garters for those lads and the camaraderie that anonymous we all share!

I actually don’t hate Runner 8. Anymore.