ashtonirwinisaqt said: Why do I never get chased? I'm in love with the whole thing but I never seem to get any zombie action. (Totally not what I made that sound like whoop)

Are you sure you have chases turned on? If you do, then I think it has something to do with speed. Can anyone else help?

Anonymous said: I might have ran straight through a midget league soccer game at the end of Voices in the Dark to out run a horde. When they're at 20 meters and closing, anything goes

Anonymous said: I just bought the zombies run app and I can't wait to give it a shot when I get home - not sure wether to buy the all access pass yet but we'll see soon enough!

Anonymous said: OHMYGOSH a voice in the dark seriously made me sob. As I was running I had sunglasses on and they got all foggy because it's so hot out. I showed up at my friend's house with tears all over my face and I just love Sam so so so much. *gross sobbing*

Anonymous said: I'm in love with a voice on a fitness app. Perfect.

Anonymous said: I am on episode 8 or 9 of series one and I have never been so motivated to run in my life. I didn't know about radio mode until episode 3, but I fell in love with Jack and Eugene instantly. Start running for the mission, continue for the radio.

Anonymous said: S1 mission 3 was hilarious to me because i kept picturing sarah mistrusting runner 5, the uncomfortable slightly overweight 16 year old that i am, as if i look anywhere near a master deceiver

Anonymous said: I've furiously flicked off Van Ark's helicopter. I wonder what bystander's thought I was doing.

takua-hijacked-the-tardis said: I'm faster in the water than I am while running but I'm gonna try for Sam I MEAN ABEL.

kiriblisswings said: on my first run I was running from a mob and I dropped my phone. I quickly picked it up and kept running while putting my headphones back in